Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chateau Roland La Garde Bordeaux 2005 wine review by (PB)

In Chicago for a sad occassion Billy of this blog and myself took advantage of being in the "Windy city" to check out the 2005 Bordeaux at "Binny's Beverage Depot." Arguably being touted as the vintage of a lifetime, Binny's supply of Bordeaux of this vintage was scarce. I grabbed a stellar 04 that I had tasted previously and a couple of lower tier 05's to take back with me to Maine. But this was a $10 wine and I asked the staff at Binny's if this was a wine of the famed Michelle Roland. The Binny's staff, which is always wonderfully helpful--exuding gobs of wine knoweldge without being pretentious, researched my question while I browsed and didn't seem to think so.

For $10, there wasn't anything to lose.

This wine--Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, is a staunch garnet hue to the rim with a fabulous bouquet of light cherry fruit with beautiful spice and anise notes predominating after a couple hours of decanting. Really nice!

In the mouth this bargain wine feels a bit thin and a mite tannic but it is fruity with cherries, some layering of licorice/anise and structured soundly and poised for a couple years of ageing. It is just young and for the price is a definite value! Two more years in the bottle and this wine will be beautiful presaging what is to be expected of the greater 05 Bordeaux's. So buy those $10 Bordeaux's you find from this once in a lifetime vintage and experiment. I doubt you will be dissappointed too often. Raise a case today and tomorrow!

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