Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blind tasting with (NW) reviews by (PB)

(NW) served up two distinct wines just to see what we would do with them. One was a 2001, the other a 2004. It was obvious just by observation which was which.

The 01 was already showing its age with amber notes at the rim and the bouquet was musty with some cherry fruit trying to break through the funkiness of this old wine. The palate was soft and peppery with wood, light fruit and a quick finish.

The 04 was classic Sangiovese aromas with floral notes of rose blossoms and sweet herbal fruit.
In the mouth though this wine was disappointing being austere and tannic and thin; not much there.

The 01 was Tormaresco; a blend of 70% Negroamoro and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.
The 04 was Monte Antico a Sangiovese blend. Both wines are in the $10 range and both were worth passing up. Raise a glass of something better but this was still fun and educational!

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