Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Schoenheitz Holder Gewurztraminer 2005 wine review by (PB)

This Alsatian varietal was served to me by (NW) on a recent visit to his house in the glass and I asked him, "What is it." As I would do to him, he replied, "You tell me."

It was a pale yellow with a fantastic bouquet of sweet floral, spice and slight cream peach/pear and pineapple notes. In the mouth it was like tasting liquid flowers, off dry with nasturtium blossom and rose petal flavors, lively acid and slightly spritzig (German for sparkle) meaning it had a slight effervescence to it.

I was taken by this wine and said, "This has to be nothing other than a Vin D'Alsace Gewurztraminer probably 2-3 years old." Okay, that's not exactly what I said. Actually I thought about it and if I would have listened to my nose and palate it should have been obvious but I listened to my head and thought it may have been a German Riesling of the 05 vintage which is supposed to be extraordinary.

Hey you can't win them all but this wine is a winner and at $22 it is an elegant, fabulous treat and a great example of the grape. So raise a glass and say, "AHHHHHHHH..."

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