Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mouton-Cadet 2005 wine review by (PB)

I grabbed this wine from the famed vintage of 2005 Bordeaux because it was a mere $9. It has plenty of color with depth and a bouquet that is vibrant with black cherry, a little spice and touches of sweetness with dark fruit.

In the mouth this wine is tannic with tight fruit and bread. Lots of potential in this 65% Merlot 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and15% Cabernet Franc; your basic Bordeaux blend. This wine needs to be decanted; I breathed it only for a a half hour or so and that was not enough.

There is now a tart, cherry bouquet and the tannins relax somewhat. Fruit is still stingy but it is there. This is actually a very nice wine at this price point and a typical old world wine in all the great ways. This is a far superior wine than what you normally get for this price from any country.

Your novice wine drinker probably would not like this wine very much thinking it is not very "fruity." But I will buy several more bottles of this and put some age on it. This inexpensive bottle of 05 Bordeaux will age some!

Raise a glass to a superior vintage and what promises to be a vintage with some great values!


Anonymous said...

Let the wine snobs go drink something else. Mouton Cadet Red is an old friend for a retired evry day red wine drinker. I'm buying all the 2005 I can find and afford (maybe 150 bottles)

Anonymous said...

I agree and when finding it at Costco in KC, MO at $7.49 it is a steal and worth stocking up on.

Anonymous said...

I've only recently started tasting a lot of wines (more of a beer snob in the past) and I've pretty much found myself liking most white wines and hating most reds, especially the dry reds but Mouton Cadet immediately struck a note (although I liked their white wine just as well). I'm now trying more Bordeaux wines. I'm starting to think the French have been much maligned in this country in recent years. Vive La France!