Friday, January 06, 2006

Taylor-Fladgate Fine ruby Porto wine review by (PB)

You just have to love port wine! But before I go any further please don’t confuse a wine labeled as “port” especially from California, with the “real deal” which is from Portugal and labeled “Porto" or “O’Porto.” California ports have a greater resemblance to cough syrup than anything potable with one rare exception and that is port made by Ficklin Vineyards. The only time I have seen this wine though in the last decade or so has been when I was visiting California but I digress…

This inexpensive porto ($12) is a pretty ruby with a dazzling bouquet of deep fudge with a nose of prunes and dark berries.

In the mouth it is sweet—of course—with cocoa hints and fruit that is shallow. It has a short finish for a port which tends to hang on for a long time. For the Price, I like it better than, say, Cockburn’s Ruby porto, another widely accessible port. At any rate, this will sip nicely and keep easily for 2-3 weeks and probably longer. Raise a glass by a fireside and try it with chocolate, or strawberries.


:: >delrinian~* :: said...

Great smooth taste

This Fine Ruby Porto by Taylor Fladgate has been a pleasant surprise. Having been unfamiliar with the vineyard and the bottle being relatively cheap I expected a more alcoholic aftertast, though this was not the case. This bottle has a sweet nose and a smooth taste and gets better after leaving it open for a little while to breathe.

Definitely recommend this!!!

Angelita said...

I tried the Taylor-Fladgate Fine Ruby Porto last weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the flavor and aroma of the wine. One should take it slow with this wine as you will be tipsy with just one glass. Enjoy it and refer it.