Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chateau Greysac Cru Bourgeois Medoc 2000 Wine Review (billy)

Yep, this was the wine that had cork mold (see below).

This Medoc (the largest wine making region of Bordeaux, France) is a Cru Bourgeois. This means that Chateau Greysac was not one of the "original" chateaus classified in 1855, but rather was classified sometime in the 1900's. These classifications mean a lot to the oenophile, but for the most purposes, it means that a Cru Bourgeois will be not as perfect as a Grand Cru Classe (as near to perfection in a wine as one can get in a good vintage) but not nearly as expensive either. That means it will typically be a great wine at a fantastic value.

The 2000 vintage, according to my "Wine Course" book (a Christmas gift) was a great vintage for Bordeaux. Add it all up, and besides the surprise of the cork mold, this is a good value. I paid $18.63 for this bottle.

Eyes: clear ruby red with no signs of aging near the edges.
Nose: Cherry, Plumb, Anise, and a touch of cabernet franc "stinkiness" and some mustiness (probably due to incomplete wiping of the mold off the opening of the bottle)
Palate: Still a bit tight with a robust acid structure with very soft tannins. Dark berries follow from the nose to the palate along with more pronounced cherry flavors.
Finish: medium to long finish with candied cherries and just a hint of fresh cut green grass.

Overall this is a fine example of a Medoc Bordeaux. It is well built with a firm structure. I would like to taste more suppleness in here but that may come with some more air. Finally, to be saved from a return due to some ugly but ultimately harmelss bottle mold is the best thing to crow about.

UPDATE After about 90 minutes of air time, the suppleness I had hoped for arrives with a flourish. Cocoa suffuses the nose as does a soft oaky flowery-ness. The cherry and plumb are still there but rounder, fuller, and softer.
The balance is supurb with the structure evening out and unwinding. The feel is lighter, more liquid, but still crisp. The Finish has lost most of the candied cherries but gained a longer and softer green and appley finesse.

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