Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ruffino Reserva Ducale Chianti Classico 2001 Wine Review (NW)

Stinky nose, which slowly burned off to reveal candied cherry
Tobacco flavors and earthy on the palate
Tangy finish

I had not tasted this wine before this opportunity came around. However, I feel like it see it fairly often in the store. There is also a "Gold Label" that is more expensive.

The initial stinky nose wasn't all that odd, but it took a while to burn off. This reminded me of some Burgundies that I've had. When it did give way, the layers that came through were interesting and enjoyable. The finish had just enough of the tangyness to remind me that the backbone of Chianti is the Sangiovese grape.

This bottle was enjoyed with friends and cost $20. Raise a glass!

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