Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Castle Rock 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review (billy)

The fetching Mrs. (billy) brought home a bottle of this for me as a nice treat. While it was inexpensive ($12) it was nice to have her bring it home for us just to have.

This is a nice "just to have" wine.
Nose: big jammy blackberries. cherries and a whiff of acetone.
Palate: decent balance with just a touch of hotness in the back of the mouth. Soft round tannins are nice. Very big berries with jam and a touch of vanilla and smoke.
Finish: not too long but nicely tapering with just a hint of green pepper.

All in all this is a fine cab that can stand up to an every day meal. I'm having it alone, after dinner, just to enjoy. But for $12 this would be a fine wine to buy now and drink with friends who pop by. Tonight, it was a perfect bottle to enjoy with my wife.

Raise a Glass!

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