Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Cheap White Wine" a reluctant review by (PB)

This “wine” I use the word loosely, was given to me by Billy of this blog as a gag gift for Christmas.
That really is the name of it produced by Vin Ordinaire, Morgan Hill, California. I don’t know what Billy paid for it I am guessing it was, uh, “cheap!”

The label says “Our white table wine is a premium blend of varietal grapes. It is honest and well made.” Okay let’s be honest, this is not a well made wine and I don’t know what varietal grapes they used but it tastes like the variety “souranicus disgusteria” or some such thing.

It is pale straw in the glass with a bouquet that is not unpleasant with a hint of pears and loads of citrus. In the mouth, it is tart, sour, and then tart and sour; lays lifeless like a dead hamster with some funny flavors of something that bears a little resemblance to fruit–sort of. The finish, is, well-- welcome!

Lest you think it is just that I am a “snob” that I don’t like this, I remind you that one of my top picks in our “recommendations” is a $4 Chardonnay from Salmon Creek. Even Charlie Shaw’s infamous “Two Buck Chuck” is quite palatable. This is just a cheap trick to grab people unawares and what annoys me is that some people, who are already predisposed not to liking “white wine” will have some of this and say, “See, I really don’t like white wine.” Worse still, someone will taste this and like it!

(NW) of this blog received a bottle of “Cheap Red Wine” also from Billy. I can’t wait to see how his red tastes!

Just remember, an inexpensive wine can be quite charming. This is not a bad wine because it is inexpensive, it’s a bad wine because it is a bad wine! Don’t raise a glass–Please!


Anonymous said...

Completely disagree with you. It's a great wine.
You're just a snob.

megmr said...

I'm actually not a huge fan of white wine, but I thought this one was ok. It wasn't the best wine I've ever had, but it wasn't THAT bad.

Anonymous said...

I bought this as a gag wine and we opened was enough for 6 people and some people took sips out of each others glass--116 people and only 2 didn't like it. This was a great wine....went back and bought a case~