Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chateau Figeac 1989 Wine Review (NW)

Beautiful coloration of soft garnet and brick red
Blueberries and flowers on the nose
Smooth layers of currant, strawberry and blueberry on the palate
Ultra-smooth, elegant finish

At the New Year's Eve party we attended, this was the wine poured with dinner. Two magnums were being circulated among the ten guests, and they disappeared quickly. While this isn't my favorite style of wine with it's soft blueberry composition, I really enjoyed the pairing with lamb. I also enjoyed the amazing silky texture and the elegant finish.

This is a mature Bordeaux from an excellent year, which is always a privilege to taste. At auction, this wine in magnum form (1.5L) would fetch approximately $200. A 750ml bottle would fetch slightly less than half of that. Bordeaux in larger formats gets exponentially more expensive because the larger bottles are considered better for long-term aging and there are fewer of them. Raise a glass to 1989 Bordeaux!

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