Monday, January 23, 2006

Details details (billy)

Whether you've been a lurker for a while or are visiting for the first time we wanted to let you know that we've recently overhauled both our recommendations as well as our outgoing links.

We have revamped our recommendations to make it easier for you to find something that you're looking for in a price range you want. See the "Recommendations" section on the right for the breakdown. Be sure to bookmark those pages so you can hit them as you're going out to the store to stock up or pick up something special for the night. (The WineCask Blog even works well on your Blackberry browser)

We now link to all the wine review blogs listed in the "Top 10 Sources for wine reviews" listings (here). Scroll down on to see the Other Wine Blogs section on the right. Be sure to check out those other blogs. They have really good information, reviews, event information, and tips for you as well. In the coming days we'll also be adding sites from the top 100 wine blogs as well.

Finally, for all you potential advertisers out there, we've created the first WineBlogger ad network. If you are interested in getting your ad (whether for your blog or your bottle) click the link above or the image on the right. If you are a wine blogger and are interested in joining the WineBlogger ad net, drop me an email.

Thanks for reading and Raise a Glass!

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