Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2014

Purple deep hue in center of bowl with a tinge of bricking at the rim. Aromas of raw beef, in the bowl with unique minced meat nuances, and more but needs to open. Smoked mushrooms,...

Palate--Mature structure with sophisticated tannins, nice balance with acid and structured, around fruit that eludes me! 

This will be a nice pairing with my strip steak (charcoal grilled) for my bride and our 51st anniversary. Funny thing is I bought this recently at a Sam's Club and thought it was $10. It was in the wrong bin and I was surprised to see my receipt at home for $25.  But even at that, this is a  very nice wine, and worth every bit of qhat I paid for it so "Raise a glass!"


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