Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Charles Shaw Chardonnay 2003 (A shocking review!)


 Amber hue like a rich aged Sauternes with a nose of butterscotch and caramel yet with a beam of almost fresh, tangerine and a ridiculous hint of mint at the base.

Palate- This reminds me of some expensive French dessert wine.  First impression is tart but not as in a totally destroyed wine at all. A lively mid palate with some remnants still of fresh fruit although fresh isn't exactly the right word. The finish is of burnt caramel again just like in the bouquet. This would actually pair with a variety of desserts. 

OK the "get a grip factor: This is famously "$2 Buck Chuck which now runs around $3-4. This 19 year old cheap wine was stashed away in some basement where temperature differences were negligible. Most people think that wine is better with age but the truth is very FEW wines actually are made to age for long periods of time. A lot depends on the chemistry of the juice, the acid content, the tannins, and a host of other factors. One thing is certain, an American Chardonnay, a CHEAP America Chardonnay better be drunk on release and may hold for a couple of years to 3 or 4 years. 

So how do I explain this anomaly? I don't try.  I have been tasting wines for 40 years plus and I know bad wine, corked wine, poorly made wine good wine and great wine. This is my third experience in all those years with cheap, table wine actually aging for a couple decades.  It truly was a great experience!

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