Monday, May 09, 2022

Pianoro Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2019


The bouquet of this lovely quaff is truly seductive, elegant and understated yet definite! Lovely aromas of ripe red berries that have an almost floral edge to them, with violets, and spicing that is subtle with finesse. The hue is a lovely dark garnet.

Palate--Mouth filling flavors, silky tannins and structure, mid palate gives rise to big, ripe berries with a lip smacking acidity that comes in after a moment.  It finishes a bit abruptly but reminds you of what was there and what awaits another sip.

This is a brilliant wine; delicious, well made, tantalizing, and a great food wine or by itself.  I am paring this tonight with grilled bourbon marinated steak tips. As the market continues to tank, I put my trust in the Lord and my lips to the glass which I will raise tonight. 

My wife grabbed this for me as a surprise and just left it in my cellar. The prices I am finding on line cannot be real.  They are showing something around $5.00.  IF that is anywhere near right; buy a case nad raise many glasses!

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