Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Josh --Bourbon Barrel Aged--Zinfandel (Reserve) 2020

Deep Purple hue with aromas of Wonderful "All Spice" on the first swirl, subdued Zinfandel fruit, maybe a touch of cinnamon and clove.

Palate--Nice first impression with boat loads of ripe dark berries, and big steely front that almost eclipses the fruit. Mouth Watering acidity, and slightly chunky tannins with a finish that hangs on.

I am not sure how I think about the bourbon barrel aging but let's face it, all wine is manipulated and so whether it is an old bourbon barrel or French Oak, the point is to impart complexities to the finished product. I have only ever had a cheap cabernet aged in a bourbon barrel and I think it enhanced the particular wine. 

Around $18 for this wine and I am glad I had a chance to give a whirl. It's a bit steep for the bottle but then again it's all relative.  Raise a glass.

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