Sunday, December 01, 2013

Parducci "True Grit" Petite Syrah Reserve 2009 wine review by (PB)

Black cherry hue with aromas of dark berries, and a touch of brambles.

Palate--Fairly supple mouth feel with big dark jammy berry fruit and a touch of tar. Dark fruit finishes that hangs on a while.

True Grit is from Parducci one of the vintners I cut my wine teeth on over a quarter of a century. I don't see it very much out here in New England--meaning Maine. But I saw this at a New Hampshire liquor store and grabbed it. This was one of their sale wines marked down from $25 to $15. I am going to hold off on my final assessment until it has more time to breathe. As it is right now it is just "OK" at the $15 price point; if I had paid full price I would not be pleased. The difference between a $15 wine and $25 one should be complexity and some characteristic that is fairly impressive, not just "ok."

Final assessment--The wine did not improve and if anything degraded a bit. I would pass on this but don't give up on Parducci--they are are a solid winery despite this unusual occurrence.

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