Thursday, December 26, 2013

New years is coming and what do I pop? Wine advice from (PB)

I have been studying wine for over 3 decades and I can still become overwhelmed at the choices out there in even a half way decent wine store. Let me try and give you some reassurance and practical help when it comes to the vast ocean of wines now filling the world's shelves. Let me reduce this to some helpful hints:

1. If you feel intimidated in the wine aisle at your local grocery store, relax, so does practically everyone else!

If you are desiring to take a bottle of wine to someone's house for New Years, unless you happen to KNOW that your host or hostess has a decent acumen about wine, again relax, your host or hostess wouldn't know the difference between a Veuve and a Barefoot sparkler. What to do or not to do?
2. DON'T bring a bottle of a highly advertized wine you saw on TV or read in a magazine. Advertising costs big money and that money has to be recouped in the product which means you will be paying a lot for the advertising of a wine which may be marginal but has great ad presence. Also avoid any wine that is below $7. (Yes there are exceptions to this depending on the state or part of the country where you live.) You can get some decent wine for under $10 if you happen to live in California, Oregon or Washington.)

3. Don't spend a lot of money on a wine thinking it will impress your peeps. They won't know the difference.

4. Please remember that Champagne is a geographical region of France--it is NOT a wine that pops when you remove the cork. Unless the wine is from Champagne, France it is sparkling wine, not Champagne.

5.Spain is producing some great sparklers for a low price called "Cava" and Italy the same with what is called Prosecco. California produces many "sparkling" wines.

6. My favorite quality sparkling wine that is an exceptional value is Mumm's Brut Prestige and will run you from between $15--a great price-- to about $21, the typical price. Freixenet (pronounced "fresh-a-net") out of Spain is another pretty reliable, tasty sparkler for around $10.

Remember you can always e-mail us and we'll try to get back to you in a timely manner.

So have fun, remember the consequences of over indulging in ethanol, and be wise in your approach to the new year.

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