Monday, December 02, 2013

Cosmia Pinot Noir 2012 (Sonoma) wine review by PB)

Light cherry hue with aromas of strawberry and cherry candy with a nuanced touch of chocolate with ever so slight touch of licorice.

Palate--Tasty fruit filled, raspberry and strawberry; finishes quickly with an awkward mouth feel after wards.

Just for kicks I have posted the "official" Trader Joe's review of this wine below so you can compare the two.

To help you understand differences in reviews by "educated professionals" let me explain the following.

TJ'S says--"Cosmia Pinot Noir – Smooth & dry, with assertive cherry and blackberry fruits on the palate, toasty oak notes and silky tannins, this Sonoma County Pinot plays smoothly with food. It’s a definite crowd pleaser, especially at our price: $8.99"

There is a thin line between cherry and strawberry in Pinot Noir. What I would call Strawberry, they call cherry. I get NO blackberry though. Toasty oak? Well I will admit I have a block on my palate when it comes to wood in the wine. It's not that it isn't there necessarily, My brain just ID's it as something else. Now silky tannins, I might dispute. This wine is relaxed to be sure but I wouldn't think it is due to silky tannins as much as it just a well integrated construction of the wine. Bottom line--Let this wine breathe and warm up to room temp if at cellar temperature. There's more there than meets the nose! At any rate, for $8.99 for a Pinot, I say raise a glass!

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