Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sponsored Review: The Curious World Of Wine book review by Billy

Occasionally here at The Wine Cask Blog we are invited to review wine books.  While we love wine, we also enjoy kicking back and reading about it.  Our friends at Penguin Group in New York asked us to review The Curious World of Wine by Richard Vine, PhD Amazon Link   Penguin Link

Audience: The audience for this book is anyone who is in love with wine and anyone who loves history or trivia.   The history of wine is nearly as old as bi-pedal humans. This book brings that history to life with brevity and wit.

Structure: The book is a collection of short but immensely interesting snippets of wine lore.  While the snippets are collected together by category, each one is rarely longer than this blog post.  That means you can flip to any page in the book, spend two minutes reading an amusing anecdote and walk away richer for the experience.  But the collections have also been lovingly pieced together to weave a broader historical narrative that weaves the threads of wine and wine making throughout our human history.

Core: The core of the book is a firm appreciation of the historicity of history.  Names and dates abound.  But this is no dry school text book.  Instead these provide the backdrop for a tableau that honors wine, wine makers, wine testers and wine innovators.

Overall: This book would make a great, easily digestible gift for the wine enthusiast in your life.  It is not cumbersome.  It carries no snooty-snoot airs like some other wine tomes do.  Instead it is enjoyable, educational and easy!  This is wine edu-tainment at its best.

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