Monday, February 14, 2011

DVX 2000 by Mumm Napa sparkling wine review by Billy

Nose: bread dough & vanilla custard
Palate: dry, crackers, lemon citrus, prickling dancing bubbles that are spritely and irreverently indelicate
Finish: citrus and green apple
Overall: This was the valentines day celebration sparkling wine that we enjoyed with fresh strawberries and clotted cream. It is a wonderfully delightful American sparkling wine. It is dry and citrussy with classic yeasty / doughy notes that are more characteristic of a classic Champagne. The bubbles give character while retaining a quintessentially American irreverence. They dance and play and ebb and flow.

This is a sparkling wine for the risqué, the bad boy/girl with a taste for something refined. Raise a glass and kiss your lover.

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