Sunday, February 13, 2011

14 Hands "Hot To Trot" Red Blend 2009 wine review by (PB)

Deep Purple with big plumy licorice scents and artificial vanilla aroma.

Palate--Silky texture with creamy berry fruit that has a wonderful texture. Quite tasty and *popularly made.

*This Washington State blend is a popular wine to the masses. It is popularly priced at $9, made to be gentle in the mouth with big, fruit forward flavor. What follows is not meant to be "snobby" but helpful.

I liked the taste and texture of this wine initially but by the third taste it was beginning to wear on my palate. Every sip was identical with nothing to commend it other than the taste. I know that may seem contradictory but it is boring.

When (NW) of this blog and I were talking about it, I said one word describes this wine and (NW) said "Manufactured" which is what I had written in my book. (NW) calls such a wine "wine beverage." It is made en masse with masses in mind who just want to drink something pleasant but is utterly uninteresting and doesn't taste like it is from anywhere. Bottom line is it IS tasty so if you like it raise a glass!

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