Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hardwick Vineyard and Winery "Hardwick Red" (NV) review by (PB)

Lighter cherry color for the Marechal Foch (pronounced--Marishel Foesh)which is a deeply pigmented grape which grows in hardy climates like Massachusetts and Maine (my state). This has an interesting bouquet of unfermented grape, candied apple and some nice spice. This is the best part of this wine.

Palate--Very tart (ie., too acidic)which seems to be common for this grape. It is light bodied, fruity but no substance or pizzazz. No one wanted a second glass which says all you need to know. I know neither me nor(NW)finished our first.

I know this grape all too well; I have been growing and making wine (recreationally) out of this grape for 5 years and have never been pleased with the end result. However I must say,mine is better than this and I would be embarrassed to "sell" it at any price...This was a gift from friends who visited the winery in Hardwick, Mass. It was helpful to taste a "professionally" made wine from Marechal Foch. This is the 2nd commercially produced Marachel Foch wine I have had and neither were sellable in my opinion. After 5 years of very marginal wines from this grape, I have decided to plant a different variety. Raise a glass of something else!

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