Sunday, April 24, 2011

Abadia Retuerta 1997 review by (PB)

This Spanish Tempranillo, Cabernet blend shows its age with bricking at the rim on a brick red (hence the term) characteristic of an aged wine.

Bouquet--interesting, dusty,dirty front with unpleasant toluene (think airplane glue) on opening which disappears with some air. Remnants of aged fruit struggle to emerge through some smoke and currant notes.

Palate--In spite of its age, it is still lively with a nice foundation for the subtle stewed, sweet dark fruits that is hard to pin down but loads of character and smoke with wood.

(NW)and I tasted this 2 years ago and I obtained the last one available for $17 intending to hold it for two years then re-taste as we did. (To see how a wine changes even after two years compare this review to the one two years ago.)

Aged wines are a different world altogether. They take on such different qualities that even well known grapes can start tasting alike. You have to enjoy the nuances of mature wines and approach them with entirely different expectations than young ones. But the world that awaits is worth the wait.

This wine is beginning to fade and I would raise a glass before the end of 2011!

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