Monday, April 04, 2011

"The Boxer" Bill Calabria Oak Aged Durif 2008 review by (PB)

"Bill Calabria" puts his name on the label and in the title of this wine. This wine has a deep and inky garnet to black hue. It has a very sweet surface with cigar ash behind the chocolate covered cherry aromas.

Palate: Presents with a unique front and nice texture. The mid-palate is also unique with chewy tannins and a candy-like, yet bold dark--really dark berry quality and finish.

I grabbed this for $9 thinking I was getting a "new," at least to me, varietal to add to my list of grapes I have tried. What I discovered is that the Durif is actually a variety of Petite Sirah. This Aussie grown wine is big so pair it with something up to the task of standing up to such a big wine. Grilled steaks, rack of lamb you get the picture and raise a glass.

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