Friday, November 02, 2007

Napa River Zinfandel 2005 wine review by (PB)

This is another super bargain found at Trader Joe's in LA while on a recent trip. I snatched it up simply because it was $5! I didn't expect much but "Shut up!" wasn't I surprised?

This wine is purple with youth possessing an amazing bouquet of blackberries and ripe plum.

The palate is amazing as well with big bready and spice flavors of dark berries. It actually changes with a little breathing to yield flavors of chocolate and an awesome blast in the rear of spearmint. So much that I thought someone at the table must have been chewing gum but they weren't. This wine is just too incredible and for $5. My last words in my written review were "Wow and Wow again!" It is truly a zinfandel with some layers etc. If you are near a trader Joe's and they have this wine--which was in abundance at the one I shopped; buy a ton as an everyday all purpose red. Then raise a case to super values!

I found another review of this wine on what was touted as an "amateur's blog." They said it tasted manufactured and called it plonk. For the record--my 30 plus years of tasting wine says otherwise! (No label available)

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