Friday, November 23, 2007

Beaujolais Nouveau 2007 Georges Duboeuf Review by Billy

Finally I got my hands on a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau. You'd think that, as much of the stuff floods the world the third Tuesday of November, that I'd have had a much easier time of it. Unfortunately I was in California for the two weeks surrounding this day and, restaurants and bars there simply didn't have the stuff on hand (at least where I was). So I'm a bit late to the game this year. Either way, I'm glad to have a chance to finally get at this bottle of early wine.

Nose: Petroleum tar with juicy raspberry.
Palate: chewy, balanced, unprepossessing.
Finish: present, quickly tapering.

All in all, Beaujolais Day is a great reason to have a glass of wine. While this wine is unremarkable, it is also unpretentious. It is a good drink. It will go with stuff. Have a bottle just to have a bottle but don't look to be blown away.

Raise a glass of Beaujolais to Beaujolais!

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At 11:33 AM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tar? You sure they weren't resurfacing your street outside?

I think you need two or three more prefixes added to that word. Holy cow...

At 1:05 PM permalink, Blogger Wino Will said...

First time to your blog and appreciate your slant on things.
The dollar categories help narrow down to my price range... I don't believe in any myth about wine being a value when the price goes into the $100's. Sour grapes maybe but those that have the buck to spend are the ones getting the bang - altho' the bang isn't bigger. In this case their 'buck' is worth less since they're throwing it away. Off the soap box...

For a long while I resisted using Parker's 100 point system. This year I started. As I accumulate more wine tastings in my blog I find the ratings have more of an importance in deciding ranking one wine to another. The tasting descriptions jog my memory for any particular wines and the ratings put them in order. Perhaps you might find the same... and I think your readers would get additional worth from your blog. Just mu opinion, Ww

At 12:42 AM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, unprepossessing. look it up

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At 8:24 PM permalink, Anonymous GarthTrekker said...

Thanks for the review - Just bought my first bottle tonight - Jan 10, 2008 - and I quite enjoy it.


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