Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wiens Cellars Merlot 2002 wine review by Billy

Nose: tobacco, licorice, black currant, cherry and black pepper.

Palate: warm and well structured with a big mouth feel. Balanced with a pleasing tannins and some cranberry-esque peak at the back.

Finish: smooth finish with crushed cherry and cedar for a lingering velvety warmth.

I simply adore this wine. It is big, fruit forward but with more character and structure than is typical of many new world wines. I bought this from the winery which is located in Temecula California though the grapes came from the Lodi region (of jug fame). But do not be mistaken, this is no jug wine. This is a fantastically crafted work of mouth-pleasing art. Sadly the 2002 is sold out but if the Wiens family can continue this excellence they may well be responsible for bringing Temecula wines back in vogue.

If you have a bottle, it can continue to lay down for at least another year if not more. This bottle was youthful and bursting. With breathing it rounded and gained character. With cellaring,it will gain even more character and rounding without giving up the fruit.

I raise my glass to Wiens!

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barefoot wine said...

Its a good review, Wiens wines definitely catch your taste,it has unique blend that you surely love.