Monday, August 27, 2007

Spring Mountain Miravelle-La-Perla-Chevalier 1996 wine review by (PB)

If you visit this blog often you know we do not review a ton of expensive wines. We have to buy most all our wines and we figure the average person isn't going to spend over $20 for a bottle of wine with any regularity. But there are exceptions and this was one such wine.

I found it at a hole in the wall store that looked like a low rent liquor store in St. Charles, Illinois. This store has been a treasure trove of fine wines though in scant supply and really hit or miss. I bought and reviewed a Lynch-Bages from this same store not too long ago.

So I found this one and it intrigued me because I was not familiar with Spring Mountain and it had some age on it and seemed to me to be a decent price for a Napa Bordeaux blend.

It is made of Cabernet Sauvignon 83%, Merlot 10%, Cabernet Franc 5%, and Petite Verdot 2%.

I served it blind to (NW) just to see what he might say about it. He actually pegged it as a Napa Bordeaux like blend with some age on it.

It is an opaque, mature red wine with a mature Cab bouquet and fresh dark berry nose.
In the mouth the wine is balanced and still lively, even a little tight on opening. Dark berry flavors with a slight herbal quality and notes of green pepper but very finessed with sophisticated structure.

With some air time, the wine is a little jammy in the bouquet with ripe black cherry and plum notes. If I had been tasting this wine, I would have pegged it as a quality Bordeaux.

Anyway, I paid $57 for this and would have to say it was worth it. But once again I will also say, that unless you have a fairly experienced palate it doesn't pay to spend that much money on a bottle of wine. You just cannot appreciate the nuances in a more expensive wine so educate your palate before dumping a load on a bottle you will probably scratch your head over. And then raise a glass!

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