Friday, August 17, 2007

Beringer Shiraz Stone Cellars 2004 wine review by (PB)

This production line of table wine is from the folks at Beringer who generally produce solid wines even at the low end. This wine cost me $4--count 'em, four measly dollars--if the wine is just potable for that price you can't really complain.

This wine is more than potable! It is a young purple wine with a grapey and slightly peppery bouquet with even a note of black cherry. The palate is tart at first but mellows out, it is hot and steely and thin with tannins that are a bit rough. But, this is a $4 wine! Give it a little air and voila! You still have a $4 wine but seriously, there is even a touch of chocolate and the palate is better balanced. For a $4 wine, it is drinkable and a good wine to serve to unappreciative guests. Serve it with out embarrassment and raise a glass.

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carol said...

I was pleasantly surprised with the Stone Cellars 2005 Chardonnay as well. No oak, clean, fruity and light. For $4.99 a bottle, I'm there.