Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Show 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon wine review by (PB)

This wine is made from sourced California grapes and is produced by the same folks who did such a decent job with the "Three Thieves" line of box wines.

The label is hokey but the wine is pretty good. On the pour it is a fine purple with some depth and has varietal aromas of green pepper and light fruit. It needs to be breathed.

With 15 minutes, the gentle bouquet turns into a full blown power house of Cabernet aromas with a touch of leather.

In the mouth it tastes a bit manufactured but it is a good example of the grape with a sweeter palate in the popular style with dark berries and chocolate with simple tannins and a powdery texture. It finishes with plenty of smoky oak.

Somewhat predictable but at the $15 price point it holds its own. All in all not bad and down right tasty. So, raise a glass!


Count Mourvedre said...

This California Cab is in my opinion the best wine that Joel Gott and his other two thieves have produced to date. At 12 bucks here on the vast Kansas plain, you would be hard pressed to find anything comparable.

I get full blown black fruit flavor with "drink me now" tannins, a hint of chocolate
and some smokiness on the back side.

For people that like to drink the same wine all the time, I would suggest buying a case or two. It remains to be seen whether Mr. Gott and his cronies can make this a consistent winner year after year. I predict the price will increase once the wine drinking public realizes just how good this wine really is.

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Anonymous said...

It's 2008 and this wine is ready to drink upon opening. Increadible taste at this price point.