Monday, March 26, 2007

Valtier Utiel-Requena 1997 Reserva wine review by (PB)

I picked this wine up on a previous trip down to (NW’s) in Boston. I grabbed it because it was ten years old, I wasn’t familiar with it all and it was cheap–$10!

There is some slight *“bricking” a t the rim but the color is holding. It is a little earthy with a very gentle bouquet and a lot of alcohol in the nose-ick.

In the mouth this wine is understated but very drinkable with cherry highlights. With some air, the alcohol burns off and the bouquet is great even if hard to describe.

It’s just more dried fruit with an herbal finish. This wine is perfectly mature so raise a glass.

*Bricking is the term used for the change in color of a red wine that is aging. As oxidation occurs the nice brilliant red color turns to a reddish orange, then to brown as it gets old.

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