Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Covey Run Riesling 2004 wine review by (PB)

This reliable producer out of Washington State is a pretty pale golden with a gentle apple nose.

It is slightly effervescent on the tongue with lively flavors of light peach and apple. It has lost some of its zesty structure this wine had 8 months ago or so but is still a nice value wine. The finish carries on a bit. Tasty and a good value at $6. Raise a glass but raise it now; it is fading!


winedeb said...

PB - tried the Covey Run 2005 Riesling and I also enjoyed this fruity, off dry Riesling. I featured it and you guys on my post this morning. Oh, Twisted Pig also comes in a Merlot which I have not tried yet. It was a fun wine, but would not highly recommend it, very weak - but fun bottle. "Big" bottle was $11.99 here.

PB said...

Thanks Deb, Now how about sending us some sunshine here in Maine. I woke up to SNOW...it gets old. :)