Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rosenblum Petite Syrah 2004 San Francisco Bay "Heritage Clones" wine review by (PB)

Sorry about the long name but that is the name of the wine. When you get into special production wines, the names can get very specific. (for the record--"Petite Syrah" is the type of grape and it is not a "small Syrah" grape as one unwitting shop keeper tried to tell someone. It is a different grape altogether.)

This baby is a gem if you like big, no gigantic, no make that gargantuan, fruit bomb wines as I do when I' m in the mood. I was in the mood visiting (NW) and he served this phenomenal wine.

In the glass it is dark and dense with a black cherry color with a bouquet of black raspberry and a hint of cinnamon.

In the mouth it is unreal! It has a velvety texture with a thickish black licorice, espresso or dark unsweetened baker's chocolate flavors with an under layer of cinnamon and spice. It finishes with a touch of smoke. I really liked this wine. It is different; it is huge; and it was only $18 which for this quality of wine and all it packs is a bargain! Raise a glass!

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