Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chateau Frontenac 2002 wine review by (PB)

This is a "Grand Vin De Bordeaux" that is medium garnet in color with a hint of purple youth still. the bouquet is fruity with dried cherries predominant and a light nose of cedar.

In the mouth this wine is nicely made with an artistic balance in the more genteel style of classic old world wines. Tannins are mild, there is a little tartness with dried cherry and bread flavors. the finish is quick but this is all right out of the gate.

With some breathing room, (2 hours) this wine which was nice but just "Okay" changes yielding ripe plums at the rear palate, with dill aromas and light pepper and dill in the mouth.

I don't remember what I paid for this wine but I believe it was in the $12 range. This is a really nice wine for the price so raise a glass.

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