Saturday, May 13, 2006

Two Fun Flights of Wine to Celebrate NW's B-day!

(NW’s) birthday is just around the corner so it seemed only fitting to celebrate with a special dinner which actually means a special wine event with dinner thrown in on the side. One of the luxuries we allow ourselves to afford is a tasting of in wine in what are called “flights.” A flight is a sampling of wines of any number often arranged by some kind of theme. (Vintage; varietals; country of origin, etc)So arranged to have two flights of wine consisting of three wines each. The first flight was three chardonnays each from a different country. One was from Australia, one was from California, and one was from Sicily. All were inexpensive in the $10 range. (Except one called a ringer!)

They were served to us “blind” prepared for us by our wives. We would taste them alone and then retaste them with the appetizer of the evening (homemade seafood ravioli) too see which one we thought was better with food.

This is such a great way to learn about wine and is so much easier to “taste” wine this way. The nuances of each wine are more distinct and identifiable when you have them next to other wines.

What was really amazing to (NW) and I both was that at then end of the tastings we were both dead on--100% consistent in our assessments—and 100% in agreement with each other’s reviews right down the line including naming the country of origin.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend doing a wine flight every now and then. You will be surprised at the subtleties you will skillfully detect when comparing wines side by each, (as we say in Maine). Raise a glass and scroll down for the reviews of the wines themselves. And then be sure to check NW's when he posts them!


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