Friday, May 26, 2006

Alaveda Casal Garcia Vinho Verde wine review by (PB)

Vinho Verde is simple wine from Portugal meant to be a refreshing drink and uncomplicated.
This wine which was $6 (which is pretty normal for this wine) has bubbles sticking to the glass with a light sparkle in the mouth. It is pale golden on the pour with slight peach notes and a pleasant powdery, spicy bouquet of sugar and cinnamon.

In the mouth this wine is tingly, fresh, fairly crisp and simple but a little awkward. If you serve this, make sure it is well chilled. On a summer day it is pleasant enough but it’s not my first choice. Don’t expect much, serve it cold, and you’ll be pleased. Raise a glass!

(I had this with grilled Bratwurst, and fiddleheads and it did fine.)

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Anonymous said...

i love how people with little or no wine tasting knowledge write these fantastic reviews with these regurgitated robert parker lines like "cinamon and sugar" you are funny. have you ever even tasted a vinho verde? people like you who give misinformation about wines and foods you know nothing about should keep your opinions to yourselves! leave wine to the experts, that is, people who actually drink it. i suggest you go back to budweiser!