Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chateau Haut Sociondo 2003 wine review by (PB)

This Grand Vin De Bordeaux from the Cotes De Blaye has a nice fragrant nose of rich berries and a slightly opaque cherry color. In the mouth it is balanced from the start but constrained on opening with a strange mid palate and a short finish. It seems to hold some promise though.

With half an hour of breathing, the berries give way to cherries with a slight chocolate hint and lots of smoky oak. There is this musty aroma though, like wet cardboard, which is the classic description of TCA contamination. (see past entries re: TCA) This aroma is somewhat intriguing though even if it would be better if it weren’t there. The palate is still a bit light but well made. With more breathing (an hour) still, there is a pleasant sweet candy cherry layer and the palate is richer by far—actually quite nice.

This is a solid Old World wine and for the $10 I paid, it’s a nice value even with the wet cardboard. Raise a glass!

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