Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kanu Chenin Blanc 2004 wine review by (PB)

This South African varietal from the Stellenbosch is rich in vanilla with a sweet bouquet of fruit (pineapple) and cream. It is sweet in the mouth yet off dry with great acid for a wine with some zest and a citrusy finish.

This is a VERY NICE wine and I believe may have been a Wine Enthusiast top 100 though I am uncertain and didn’t feel like looking it up. I would rather just savor the essence of this lovely white.

For the $10 I paid, it is really a treat and with its acid, it will go well with food. I served it with a Caribbean themed dinner of grilled pork chops with a mango/red onion topping and fired plantains with a cilantro dipping sauce. It was great with everything. So raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

You eat well!

mjhughes76 said...

I'm a fan of Kanu. I think this winery does a good job of producing a quality wine at an affordable price.