Friday, May 05, 2006

Fusee Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 wine review by (PB)

Well, Gee, this is a weird kind of wine which you’ll note form my weird kind of review.

It doesn’t smell like Cabernet Sauvignon but it doesn’t smell bad. Actually the bouquet is fairly fragrant of black cherries, ripe plums, and loads of currants.

In the mouth it is on the slightly sweet side with some decent fruit flavors (a lot of raisins) but honestly, it tastes artificial. (NW) and I jest (sort of) about the NJ laboratory where all artificial flavors are kept in beakers and is what really comprises the bulk of the food and drink we consume. This tastes like a wine made in a petri dish. But that being said, it is potable, and not bad if you don’t think of it as A. Cabernet Sauvignon, and B. real wine.

I paid $7 for it which is $2 too much. Still it’s not bad, just a little weird.


Anonymous said...

Remember, the 2003 was good!

Benito said...

I tried the 2002 last year and enjoyed it, but I think it was probably at its peak then. Of course, I was only paying $4 for it, and so was probably a little more forgiving in my review. However, I later served it blind to a few friends who all loved it.

Anonymous said...

This wine is made for the American taste buds; that's not a bad thing in and of itself and as I said, I liked this wine; it's just not a high calss wine with layers, nuances, and intrigue but then you're not paying for a wine of that quality. So the bottom line is; "If you like it, raise a glass!!!" (PB)