Monday, May 23, 2005

The Effects of "Breathing" cont’d (PB)

Make sure you read the post BEFORE this one!
The Seghesio Zinfandel referred to in my previous entry was breathed for two hours and re-tasted. Essentially NO change! But I cam confident that it will. Be patient!

At three hours of air this Zin is starting to relax–finally. The tannins are beginning to lighten up their grip though they are still plenty chewy yet plums are in the background with flavors still trying to battle their way out. I will decant this wine to push it out of it’s austere posture. Finally, eureka! With decanting blackberries emerge and vanilla makes its presence known with currants in the finish.

As stated in my previous entry, if I had ordered this with dinner at a restaurant, I would have missed all of this and it would have seemed to be a very marginal wine. As it is, the $19 I paid for it was too much (should cost more like $11.00) but it is a good wine none-the-less. (By the way, my BBQ’d brisket was a lost cause...that’s what I get for watching BBQ week on the food channel! We had chicken on the grill in stead.)

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