Monday, May 02, 2005

Chateau Clos des Menuts, St. Emilion Grand Cru 2000 (billy)

I paid $26 a bottle for this wine and it is tasty.
There is a rich vanilla on the nose that is complimented by black berries and a fresh "green" smell.

The palate is still quite tanic but I suspect that will mellow with some time still in the bottle (which is why I bought another to lay down). There are green earthy flavors with hints of anise and berries which give a touch of sweetness. I do not detect much oak, though others have.

The finish is grassy and long - not a bad thing in a Saint-Emilion.

Overall this is a bold wine. It is not subtle though there are pleasingly subtle layers to it. This is a wine for drinking from a flagon, a burly wine, a manly wine. Though, a manly wine with a refined air and the ability to be almost (but not quite) dainty.

raise a flagon or a chalice.


Anonymous said...

A flagon with the dragon or the vessle with the pestle?

Billy said...

either will hold this brew that is true.

dingsda said...

i just had a 1996 yesterday, my oh, that was a great wine, a hint of each vanillia / cinnamon and caramel rising to my nose accompanied with a still rich fruity bouquet, but the whole set of subtle tertiary notes coming along if you dare tasting the wine...

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy it?