Sunday, May 08, 2005

By the glass review (PB)

For Mother’s Day I took my wife to Boston (3 hours one way) to delight ourselves in the city’s famous “North End”Italian fare. I selected the restaurant due to its wine list. We ordered 2 glasses of Tenuta dell'Ornellaia Toscana Le Volte 2001. They were $13 a glass and an absolutely marvelous wine. I couldn’t swirl due to the lack of volume of the glass and even though it was served to warm it had an immediate burst of fresh cherries, very well balanced with several layers of olives, and an utterly fantastic layer of a fresh bouquet of flowers with definite cedar or menthol notes with another layer of anise or licorice and currants. I am going to have to find this wine now by the bottle which should run around $30...
I only wish I could raise another glass of this blue ribbon Super Tuscan creation.


At 11:47 PM permalink, Blogger TRES CEE said...

i like Marsala, and it can be any version preferably a sweet, and is so high in alcoholic content, and so marvelously non acidic, but is definitely stronger, and mwaaaaaaaa, its good, tan better then anyother vino except for portoguese ports, or spanish ports or madeira very good, love a good madeira, or oporto, knock you on your can, and while yoiu are there it tastes good, eh 32@ clay belay geencee

At 11:47 PM permalink, Blogger TRES CEE said...

remember the cask of amontillado, i think by edgar allen poe, tan buono too too, geencee


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