Saturday, February 19, 2005

Un-Wine-ding with Torres Gran Sangre de Toro 2000 (billy)

Well, I am just back from another business trip to Portland, Oregon (some great local wines were sampled there, but i'll post on that later). I am now enjoying a glass of a pleasantly silky Spanish wine, Miguel Torres' Gran Sangre de Toro 2000. What a nice way to un-wine-d.

Let this wine breathe for half an hour or so after opening. At first taste it is ok but a bit thin. After breathing for a bit, it flowers into a pleasing and very smooth sip.

On the nose there are blackberries and minerals that pique my anticipation. These are followed by spice and the slightest possibility of bitter chocolate or coco.

I take a sip and swoosh and swirl. Ahhhhhhh. The nosy minerals translate into a spike of mouthy minerals that immediately give way to a silky, spicy and round fullness of flavor. It is slightly tannic, but that gives this 'Grand Bulls Blood' a pleasing body and character. The tannins are not overpowering but complimentary to the palate experience.

I would not call the finish long, but I would call it perfect. The blackberries appear for an encore accompanied by the lingering though subtle tannins to create a desire for another sip.

OK, I'll have another.

Torres Gran Sangre de Toro is a Spanish blend of the Garnacha, Carinena, and Syrah varietals from the Catalonia region of Spain (in the North). I've been quite taken with Spanish wines of late. They have incredible character and uniqueness even within the standard blends, vintages and varieies. This bottle was purchased for about 20 or so locally and, while not the best 'deal' I've ever come across, is well enjoyed for the price.

So enjoy a glass of something different and branch out.

To you I say, 'Salud'

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