Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Quick Swirl: Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay 2003 (billy)

Well this is a delightful light Austrailian Chardonnay. While inexpensive, it is not 'cheap' if you get my drift, and can stand toe to toe with many of California's best. It is not crisp, but rather smooth and languid, almost sensuous. This is a romantic wine. It makes love to mouth and is a fine white for sipping with that special someone this coming Monday.

On the nose: there is light and elegant tropical fruit here, pineapple, just a hint of vanilla and citrus but soft, not overpowering.

The Palate: the languid softness continues over my tongue is positively sensuous throughout my mouth. This wine is a french kiss (from Austrailia). Mild tannins and a pleasing acidity leave me wanting more. No. This leaves me wanting to share a glass with someone special.

Finish: like a lover pulling away, just a bit to look into my eyes and suggest that 'there's more where that came from'

This is a passionate wine that turns me on.


Anonymous said...

Geez Louise, Take a cold shower for Pete's sake...

Anonymous said...

If wine does this to you, what does chocolate do?