Monday, February 21, 2005

Quick Swirl: Chateau La Faurie-Peyraguey 2001 (PB)

After our dinner of ravioli (previous post) I decided to open one of those “special” bottles that you never seem to open. But I went into the cellar and pulled out this luscious Sauternes already enticing me merely by its lovely pale golden hue in the bottle. On opening it has a phenomenal, yet gentle bouquet full of bananas and honey. It is of course powerfully sweet offset with a great acid foundation making this one of those dessert wines you just guzzle. With a few minutes it started revealing some its complexities of floral scents and really ripe cantaloup or musk melons. I think it would have only continued to release more layers but heck, it wasn’t around long enough to do so.

This was a purchase I made visiting NW in Jacksonville. I intended to buy a bottle of Chateau Guiraud but the wine guy at the store, which had a really great walk in refrigerator, talked me into this one instead. At $27, it was considerably less expensive than the Guiraud. How could I say no?

I can’t say it was the right move because I haven’t had the Ch. Guiraud, but it would be hard to imagine it having been better. I would give this wine a 92. Something special indeed! I wish I could go raise a glass...but it’s gone!

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post it as a recommendation.