Friday, February 25, 2005

Quick Swirl: 2 Brothers Big Tattoo Red 2003 (PB)

This blend with the funny name is another Colchagua Valley success story from the up and coming country of Chile. Two brothers, one a tattoo artist and the other a wine importer decided to make a wine in honor of their mother who died of cancer. The Fleur de Lys on the label was their mother’s favorite design and 50 cents of each bottle goes to cancer research. That aside, this blend of half Cabernet Sauvignon and half Syrah is very fruity on opening with olives and yeast on the nose. In the mouth it is amazingly big and balanced with an initial cocoa tease. With a half hour of air, dried cherries are the predominant flavor with good tannins and an overall nicely made wine. At less then $10 this is a keeper. I would score this an 87.


jens at cincinnati wine said...

I agree and bought a case!

Anonymous said...

This wine is great! I bought it because it was A)cobalt blue and B) had a fleur de lis and C) was inexpensive and D) was a white wine. I went to buy another to make it our house wine and the store was out!!! I am now on a mission to find it elsewhere. Great job guys!