Friday, February 25, 2005

Quick Swirl: Les Terrasses 2000 (Billy)

I brought this wine to a friends house for a group get together this evening. It was a wonderful hit.

On the nose: olives and black fruit.

On the palate: rich and flavorful. My friend Lee characterized it as "bright". Well balanced tannins but not unpleasant. I characterized it as rich.

Finish: the finish is fruity and unique. There is a slight sourness on the very back of my tongue that persists through the finish and makes the wine characteristic. It is not an unpleasant sourness but rather something that I would characterize as the unique sourness of a wonderful piece of fruit - even bordering on spicy. Think of how the sourness of a grapefruit makes the fruit what it is. So does this aspect of the finish make the wine.

Les Terrasses is from the Northern regions of Spain and comes from a the vineyards of Alvaro Palacios. It is a blend of Garnacha, CariƱena and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I paid about $30 for the bottle at a local store but I'm sure there are deals to be had on this wine. It will run a bit more expensive than comprable wines since the yield of the vineyard is small and they use old vines. But it is still a rich and inviting drink.

Raise a Glass.

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