Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Chateau La Commanderie Du Bardelet 2020

Decent garnet and purple hue with aromas of milk chocolate, cherry-berry fruit, and a green beam of unripe fruit.

Palate--Tart first impression, with a steely core watery texture, lip smacking tannins, and short and unremarkable finish.

This Bordeaux blend comes with a gold "medal sticker" on the bottle. Sometimes I wonder if this isn't a marketing ploy to make the uninitiated think a wine tastes good when in fact it doesn't. It does not live up to the profile described on the back label not the "Grand Vin De Bordeaux" designation on the front label which used to mean something.

Granted this wine is young, very young, and granted it was only $9, and possibly this will become something palatable in a couple years but right now it is about to get poured down the drain.  I will let it breathe for a while and I will still try and drink it with dinner giving it every chance I can to come around. 

IF there is a change, I will certainly note it here.

*After a couple hours of breathing it is unchanged.  The bouquet is the best part of this wine.

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