Saturday, March 19, 2022

Mark West Pinot Noir 2019 (California)

Light ruby hue with aromas of strawberry, vanilla and spice.

Palate--watery mouth feel, confused palate, under-stated fruit, and a touch of vanilla; a peculiar impression... 

Sourced from grapes anywhere in California, such wines can be a real crap shoot ranging from utter plonk to an "Oh magosh" experience in those years when there is a bumper crop of great quality grapes and they are being dumped on the wineries that depend on surviving off such grapes. 

Unfortunately, those OMG years are few and far between.  That being said, sourced wines are inexpensive, and can be a real crap shoot depending on the crop in any given year. Mark West is one of the vintners however, who take care in what they choose to invest their money.  

This selection is not one of their best but is still a pleasant enough quaff with some nice Pinot fruit suggestions and after all, you're talking about an $8-$10 Pinot Noir. 

The non-discriminating palate which is most of us, will enjoy this and that is the bottom line.  

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