Monday, April 28, 2014

Querciabella 2008 (Chianti Classico) wine review by (PB)

Black cherry to ruby hue

Bouquet--spicy earthy cherry with loads of menthol, cherry cream, chocolate covered cherries and more sweet spices with black licorice.

Palate--Structured gentle front-presence and then kicks it into overdrive with edgy tannins, rustic cherry flavors with sweet cherry finish and a hint of menthol.

A gift from (NW) of this blog, always takes me back to our trip to Tuscany several years back. What beverage does this? Seems to run around the $30 price point and gives a glorious sample of the charm and complexity of a good Chianti Classico. I will be making some kind of Italian cuisine tonight on a chilly Maine day in late April and now it will be perfect Raise a glass for sure!

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